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CTE4X4Weather Shield for Ford Ranger / VW Amarok NextGen

Side Window Visor for Ford Ranger 2022+, VW Amarok 2022+

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Weather Shield for Ford Ranger / VW Amarok NextGen


Weather Shield Window Visor Slim for Ford Ranger Next Gen PY 2022+ & VW Amarok 2023+ Dual Cab

Product Overview

Brand New Set of Weathershield Window Visor For Ford Ranger Next Gen PY 2022+ & VW Amarok 2023+ Dual Cab

Strong 3M Stick Tape, Waterproof.

No Drilling, No Cutting, Easy Mounting Australia Stand Size.

Best quality Guaranteed. 

Made of Acrylics Injection molded, very high quality.

Item Description

-Preventing rain water from coming in.

-Better and Clearer vision while driving enabling smooth air flow to prevent mist and fog on the windscreen.

-Able to smoke without switching off the air condition.

-Able to wind down window slightly without getting strong wind blow.

-Aerodynamic design to smoothen air flow for better driving performance.

-Act as a safety feature to prevent carjacking.

-Able to have fresh air flowing in when leaving in the car for parking.

-Deflects harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays.

-Reduce accidents caused by blinding sun rays.

-More protection and comfort to passengers.

Installation Instructions

· Clean and dry upper door frame ensure the surface is to be applied clean, dry and free of all wax.

· Position the edge against the door frame, double check the position.

· Recommend install under 30’C sunshine, hot gun or hair dryer to preheat 3M tape before to peel.

· Peel remaining tape liner by pulling on exposed end of the liner.

· Don’t wash your car within 24 hours.


2 Year Warranty.


1.Keep dry and avoid getting it wet at least 48 hours after installation.

2.If your vehicle has been fitted with mirror spacers, the front section of the weather shield will not fit, please check before purchase. -----normally if your vehicle has a factory fitted tray, then it comes with mirror spacers.

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