TRADECAPSteel Canopy VW Amarok 2010 + Roof Rack

Heavy Duty - Steel - incl. Roof Rack Platform - Matte Black - VW Amarok 2010-...

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Steel Canopy VW Amarok 2010 + Roof Rack

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TRADECAP Ute Steel Canopy with Aluminium Rack Platform for VW Amarok 2010-2022 Dual Cab Tub Heavy Duty Black

Equip your vehicle with our sturdy and adaptable TRADECAP Ute Steel Canopy to meet all your hauling needs. It's perfect for the Volkswagen Amarok dual cab, specifically models ranging from 2011-2022.

Made from 1mm-3mm heavy-duty galvanized steel plate, this canopy is designed to survive and thrive in harsh environments without giving in to rust or corrosion. It's been field tested extensively to withstand the challenging Australian conditions. However, it's advised to have this product assembled by a professional to ensure optimum sustainability.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: Our canopy comes with a 200kg load-tested capacity for a dynamic, on-road scenario at a center of gravity height not exceeding 40cm. It has an impressive static roof capacity of 400kg when the weight is evenly distributed. Off-road capacity hasn't been tested, but we recommend under 75kg depending on conditions. Please note, all weight capacity is under the condition of correct installation.
  • Strong Material: Constructed from 1mm-3mm galvanized steel, this canopy is incredibly durable and rust-resistant.
  • Lockable Doors: Keep your cargo secure with lockable doors.
  • LED Interior Light and High Brake Light: Ensure safe operation even in low light conditions with the pre-installed LED interior light and high brake light.
  • Roof Rails: Perfect for attaching additional storage accessories for your traveling needs.

The package includes our robust TradeCap Ute Heavy Duty Steel Canopy and a comprehensive hardware kit for ease of installation. Transform your vehicle into a dynamic carriage for your work or adventure escapades with our highly reliable Ute Steel canopy.

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