TRADECAPSteel Canopy VW Amarok 2010+

Heavy Duty - Steel - Matte Black - VW Amarok 2010-2022 Dual Cab

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Our Tradecap is a quality modular steel truck canopy system specially made for VW Amarok 2010-2022.

SKU U-Mcanopy-Amarok-Sg

Steel Canopy for Volkswagen Amarok 2010-2022 Dual Cab Ute Tub Heavy Duty Matte Black

Spruce up your Volkswagen Amarok with our stunning and ruggedly durable TRADECAP Steel Canopy. Engineered for dual cab Ute tub, this canopy, made from 1mm-3mm heavy-duty galvanized steel plate, is your perfect partner against rust and corrosion. Finished off immaculately in matte black, it adds a touch of sophistication to your ride.

Designed and built exclusively for Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab 2011-2022, the TRADECAP Steel Canopy stands out from the crowd. It's been extensively field-tested to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. We recommend the professional assembly of our canopy to guarantee the correct installation and reach the highest safety level.

The steel canopy comes loaded with features – it has lockable doors for security and LED interior light for visibility. The roof rails augment both your vehicle's appearance and its utility. The LED high brake light ensures optimal and strong visibility to trailing vehicles, promoting driving safety. It can handle on-road dynamic loads up to 200kg under the proper installation – great for your cargo needs.

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