TRADECAPSteel Canopy for Ford Ranger 2022+

Gen 3 - Steel - Matte Black - Ford Ranger Next Gen 2022+ Dual Cab

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A quality modular steel truck canopy system specially made for Ford Ranger Next Gen 2022+ Dual Cab Ute.

SKU U-Mcanopy-T2022Rang-m2

TRADECAP Steel Canopy for Ford Ranger Next Gen 2022+ Dual Cab Ute Tub Heavy Duty Matte Black Gen 3

Discover the power of sturdy and durable design with our TRADECAP Ute Canopy Gen 3. Made from 1mm - 3mm heavy-duty galvanized steel plate, this canopy is designed to resist rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance. This product is field-tested extensively to withstand even the harsh Australian conditions, promising relentless durability and resilience.

Please note that we recommend this canopy to be assembled by a professional for optimal safety and functionality.

Compatibility: Our canopy perfectly fits Ford Ranger Next Gen 2022+ Dual Cab. But, please note that it will not fit the Raptor model.


  • Capacity: Tested for a load of 200kg
  • Material: 1mm - 3mm Galvanized Steel to offer excellent durability
  • Lockable Doors: For added security
  • LED Interior Light: For visibility even in low light conditions
  • Roof Rails: For added style and functionality
  • LED High Brake Light: For enhanced visibility and safety

Roof Capacity: The roof capacity of our canopy can hold a static load of 400kg evenly distributed. For on-road dynamic load, it can hold 200kg (at the centre of gravity height not over 40cm). The off-road dynamic load has not been tested and highly depends on the road condition. We recommend keeping it under 75kg for best results. Please note, all these weight capacities are guaranteed only with correct installation.

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