TRADECAPSide Door with Sliding Window (Passenger-side)

Will fit GEN1 and GEN2 most model, except Triton and Gladiator

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Side Door with Sliding Window (Passenger-side)

SKU U-Mcanopy-SSlid-Sg-UP

TRADECAP Steel Canopy Side Door with Sliding Window - Passenger Side Door Replacement Only

Introducing the Canopy Side Door with Sliding Window for your TRADECAP Canopy.

Specifically designed for pet owners, this stylish and durable side door is an excellent accessory for your vehicle. It's perfect for those who love to bring their furry friends along for the ride.

Manufactured with high-grade steel, this Canopy Side Door promises long-lasting resilience. The installation is quick and simple, requiring minimal tools, so you can maximally enjoy your journey with your pet.

The standout feature of this Canopy Side Door is the incredible sliding window. This ensures enough ventilation by achieving good air circulation which is essential for your pet's healthy and happy journeys. It also creates a wonderful viewing platform for your pet to enjoy the passing scenery.

This product is compatible with most GEN1 AND GEN3 models, the only exceptions being Triton and Gladiator models.

Please note: the adorable puppy shown in the images is not included with the purchase!

With the TRADECAP Steel Canopy Side Door with Sliding Window, long travels will no longer feel uncomfortable for your furry companions. It offers them a safe and comfortable space, thus contributing to an enjoyable journey for both, the pet and the pet parent. Invest in this must-have piece of kit today, and redefine the traveling experience for your little furry friends!

Important: Does not fit TRADECAP for Mitsubishi Triton and Jeep Gladiator!

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