Snorkel Kit 3.8 V6 Petrol Air Intake Ram Gas

Snorkel Kit for Wrangler JK

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Snorkel Kit 3.8 V6 Petrol Air Intake Ram Gas


Snorkel Kit 3.8 V6 Petrol Air Intake Ram Gas

If you're a proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler JK 2006 - On 3.8 V6 gas, then our Snorkel Kit is a must-have accessory for you. Designed specifically for Jeep Wranglers with 3.8L-V6 EGHV6 Gasoline or 2.8L-I4 CRDI4 Diesel engines, this snorkel kit is built to enhance your off-roading experience.

Made from high-quality LLDPE plastic, our snorkel kit is durably constructed with a material thickness of 3mm, ensuring its longevity under rugged conditions. The sleek black textured finish adds a stylish touch to your vehicle's appearance.

Installing our snorkel kit is a breeze, thanks to its perfect fit design. It improves airflow into the engine, allowing cleaner air to enter and helping the engine to breathe easier. By raising the air intake above the water level, it effectively prevents water from entering the engine during water crossings.

Aside from protecting your engine, the snorkel kit also improves the performance of your 4x4. With increased air intake and improved airflow, you'll experience better fuel efficiency and a smoother driving experience.

And let's not forget about the cool factor. A snorkel on your 4x4 does look ultra cool, instantly giving your Jeep Wrangler a rugged and adventurous appeal.

  • Made of high-quality LLDPE plastic (this is not FRP!)
  • Material thickness: 3mm
  • Surface finish: Black textured can be used as
  • Easy to install item, it fits perfectly!

Experience the benefits of our Snorkel Kit and be assured of its quality with our 2-year warranty. Enhance your off-roading adventures with confidence!n

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