CANE TOAD EQUIPRoof Rack Basket Fits Isuzu MU-X mux Aluminium Alloy Tradesman CARGO Hydronalium Cage

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Roof Rack Basket Fits Isuzu MU-X mux Aluminium Alloy Tradesman CARGO Hydronalium Cage


This Hydronalium (aluminium-magnesium alloy) Tradesman is designed and custom made for Isuzu MU-X 12/2013 to Current, it dose not need to drill hole on the roof, just simply dismount the factory roof rail bars, then mount the basket on the existing mounting pionts. The LS-U / LS-M Model need to be drill holes to expose the captured nuts on the roof,  We can supply the drilling template for guide. The template is hand measured on the car roof won't be 100% accurate.


  • Full kit including all mounts and brackets
  • Super light & strong Hydronalium (aluminium-magnesium alloy) basket body
  • Matte black finish
  • Zinc coated steel brackets, provide strong fitting 
  • 8 internal cross member bars for extra support
  • Powder coated for longer durability
  • High quality hardware for easy installation
  • Stronge welded amplimesh flooring on roof rack
  • Individually wrapped and boxed for safe shipping
  • Come with generic install instruction 


  • Weight: 26.5 kgs (includes mounting brackets)
  • External: 1980MM (L) X 1250 (W) X 130 (H) mm
  • Top tube 25mm ?
  • Bottom tube 32mm ?
  • Tube thickness: 2mm
  • Aluminium amplimesh Thickness 6mm
  • Mount brackets: 3mm
  • Max load: 180kg (at centre of gravity height not over 40cm)


Although the installation can be easily DIY.  We do recommend this product be professional installed on your vehicle. We do not accept any responsibility for damage caused to your vehicle during installation of this product or by incorrect fitment. We also do not take any responsibility for damage caused by using this product, if it's not professional installed. 

Please note this rack is making some noise while driving over 60k, it's caused by harmonics on the cross bars and viboration of the rail brackets. we consider this as the nature of this product. We will not accept return at the reason of excessive noise. 

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