MANX4 Electric Winch 13500LBS 7hp 12v Motor Wireless Controller 4X4 Syntheic Rope 26m Recovery

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MANX4 Electric Winch 13500LBS 7hp 12v Motor Wireless Controller 4X4 Syntheic Rope 26m Recovery


Get ready to be wowed with the brand-new MANX4 Electric Winch 13500LBS. This beast of a winch is engineered to lift, haul, and tow with unbeatable ease and efficiency, making it essential for every four-wheel drive aficionado.

With a 7hp, 12v heavy-duty motor as its powerhouse, the MANX4 winch guarantees superior performance with consistently high torque. It is outfitted with a competition-style solenoid and includes 2 remote controls for uncomplicated, hassle-free


The winch sports a 26m synthetic rope that is designed to be both robust and reliable under all circumstances. The heavy-duty red tuff fairlead further helps to ensure that the rope is precisely guided and protected from wear and tear, ensuring durable, long-lasting performance. Other specifications like the 3 stage planetary gear train and the automatic camp lock (drum) brake make the winch even more desirable. The 3.6m lead length and the impressive wireless range of 30.5m enable extensive remote-controlled operation.

The MANX4 Electric Winch is finished off with a hard-wearing casing that promises to withstand the toughest conditions. With a weight of 29kg and overall dimensions of 562mm (L) x 215mm (H) x 156mm (W), this piece of equipment is a true heavyweight champion. The mounting bolt pattern measures 254mm x 114.3mm.

Note: Ensure your battery is sufficient for winching — a minimum 700 CCA is required.

The new MANX4 Electric Winch 13500LBS offers unmatched power and efficiency. Grab this must-have 4x4 accessory today and experience the difference!

The MANX4 Winch has been released! That bad boy winch includes stronger motors, heavy-duty casings, synthetic ropes, competition-style solenoid, Remote control x 2 and Heavy-duty fairlead are standard parts included. It a must-have accessory for your four-wheel drive!


  • Heavy duty design
  • Dual Remote Controlled
  • 28 meter synthetic rope
  • Red tuff fairlead


  • Series Wound       True
  • Motor             6.6HP / 5KW
  • Power             12VDC
  • Weight             29kg
  • Wire Remote Range  30.5m
  • Remote Lead Length  3.6m
  • Gear Train          3 Stage Planetary
  • Gear Reduction Ratio 265:1
  • Brake              Automatic Camp Lock (Drum)
  • Synthethic Rope Dim: 26m x 10mm
  • Overall Dimensions   562mm (L) x 215mm (H) x 156mm (W)
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern 254mm x 114.3mm

   Notes: Minimum battery for winching - 700CCA

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