TRADECAPColour Ute Canopy Match Gloss Finish

This is a Painting Service only

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Colour Ute Canopy Match Gloss Finish

SKU U-Mcanopy-frame-GLS

Colour Matching

This is a special service from us. We organise painting the product to match your vehicle's paint job. All we need is your VIN or paint code.

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Paint Bucket

Colour Match Gloss Finish Spray Paint Service for TRADECAP Canopy Frames

Our Colour Match Gloss Finish Spray Paint Service is specially designed for TRADECAP Canopy Frames. It's an excellent choice for enhancing the look of your canopy frame and keeping its appearance fresh and polished.

Please note: Although we strive for the closest possible match to your car's original color, do keep in mind that achieving 100% similarity is inherently challenging due to the nature of the process. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

Services Included:

  • Surface Sand: Prepping the frame by sanding it to achieve a smooth, even surface.
  • Primer Application: A coat of paint primer is added to ensure proper color adherence.
  • Color Matching: Two coats of precisely matched spray paint are applied for a seamless color blend.
  • Surface Gloss Protection: A clear gloss coat is added for enhanced surface protection and added shine.

Painting Parts:

Our service covers the painting of the front and rear frames, as well as both side frames.

Please note: Our service does not include the painting of doors, roofs, roof rails, or any locks and hardware. Please consider this before making your order.

Ensure your TRADECAP Canopy Frame maintains a vibrant and glossy look that matches your vehicle with our dedicated Colour Match Gloss Finish Spray Paint Service.

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