Camping Kitchen Unit Cook Table Foldable Storage Cupboard Windshield

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Camping Kitchen Unit Cook Table Foldable Storage Cupboard Windshield

SKU N-KC-UNIT-730270

Set up your outdoor cooking space in style with our foldable Camping Kitchen Unit Cook Table. Designed specifically for those who love to take their culinary skills to the great outdoors! This multi-functional unit features a stove area complete with a removable windshield, a spacious work surface, and a 2-shelf cupboard for all your essentials.

The generously sized work surface offers abundant space for food preparation while the two-shelf cupboard provides ample storage for your cooking utensils, ingredients, and camping gear. The lower shelf's clever design enables easy access to kitchenware or ingredients during your cooking process.

What's more, our unit comes with a formidable windshield attached around the stove area, perfect for those windy days when you're whipping up your favourite campfire meals. The windshield can be simply removed for cleaning after your culinary adventures.

Additionally, the cupboard boasts a zippered door that can easily be rolled up and down, offering both easy access and secure closure. This also ensures your items are kept safe and clean throughout your camping trip.

Forget about the stress of setting up a makeshift kitchen in the wilderness. Embrace outdoor dining with our sleek, versatile, and highly convenient Camping Kitchen Unit Cook Table today!


  • Unfolded size:96 x 53 x 95/120 cm (L x W x H)
  • Folded size: 97 x 49 x 15 cm (L x W x T)
  • Material: Aluminium frame + MDF tabletop
  • Load capacity: 30 - 50 kg
  • Large work surface
  • Heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof
  • With a detachable windshield
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Fabric: Polyester (100%)

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