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Smarter Camping Guide Part 1 - Essentials vs Non-Essentions

Smarter Camping Guide Part 1 - Essentials vs Non-Essentions

Packed to the rafters when camping? Some Space-Saving Tips

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Written by Caine Toad
3 min read

G'day, fellow bush enthusiasts! Caine Toad here, ready to launch you into the first leg of our ripper journey through smarter camping. Now, I know you're itching to hit the tracks and breathe in that sweet eucalyptus air, but hold your horses! Before we rev up our utes and head bush, we've got some savvy packing to sort out.

This is the first part of a multi-article series where I’ll be guiding you through the nitty-gritty of camping like a pro. Forget those days of packing as if you're fleeing the zombie apocalypse. It's time to get smart, get savvy, and most importantly, get a little more room in your ute for that extra case of tinnies.

In this opening chapter, we're tackling the Everest of camping dilemmas – figuring out what's essential and what's just taking up precious space. So, crack open a cold one, settle in, and let's embark on this adventure together. Trust me, by the end of this series, you'll be packing your gear like a seasoned bushman, ready for whatever the great Aussie outdoors throws at you. Let’s dive into the wild world of essentials versus non-essentials.

Ready? Let's go!

Essentials vs. Non-Essentials – Caine Toad's No-Nonsense Guide

Alright, mates, let’s cut through the bush and get straight to the point. Packing for a camping trip isn’t about preparing for an alien invasion – it’s about being smart and sensible. Let’s break down the essentials and the stuff you can leave behind to avoid turning your ute into a travelling garage sale.

Lighting Up the Night

Essential: A trusty headlamp per person and a sturdy lantern.

Non-Essential: A battalion of flashlights and a Christmas display of backup batteries. You’re camping, not signalling the space station. Keep it bright but simple.

Camp Kitchen Chronicles

Essential: One solid pot, one reliable pan, and a spork to rule them all.

Non-Essential: The entire kitchen drawer. You're not running a café in the Outback. A simple set-up will have you cooking like a bush masterchef in no time.

Power Tools? More Like Power Fools

Essential: A handy multi-tool that does a bit of everything.

Non-Essential: Chainsaws, jackhammers, kitchen sinks. If it needs a power outlet, it’s probably overkill. A good multi-tool is like a Swiss Army knife on steroids – perfect for the bush.

Sitting Pretty

Essential: One compact chair per person – something that folds and stows away.

Non-Essential: The living room sofa, the recliner, and the king’s throne. A simple chair is your throne in the great outdoors. Anything more is just a royal pain to carry.

Dining Alfresco

Essential: A plate, a bowl, and a good ol’ spork per person.

Non-Essential: A full dinner set and silverware for twelve. You’re eating under the stars, not at the Ritz. Keep your dining kit practical and minimal.

Bush Fashion Basics

Essential: Layers that work together, sturdy boots, and a hat for the noggin. Rain jacket, jumper, just dress for the weather you expect.

Non-Essential: The Paris runway collection. You’re battling the elements, not strutting on a catwalk. Functional over fashionable, every time.

Sleeping Like a Baby Roo

Essential: A snug sleeping bag and a simple mat or pad.

Non-Essential: The family quilt, half a dozen pillows, and an air mattress fit for a king. A comfy sleeping bag and a pad are your ticket to dreamland.

There you have it – Caine Toad’s guide to keeping it real and practical. Remember, every extra gadget or gizmo is something else you have to lug around. Keep it simple, and you’ll be hopping happy on your trip.